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Astrid Mochtarram

Astrid Mochtarram is a geek, an engineer, a designer, a writer and an entrepreneur.

A little crazy and working on too many projects at times, she is most passionately working for her tech startup twindly, which focuses on beauty and sustainability.

She is Indonesian and currently calling Berlin as home. She has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Informatics Engineering (majored in Artificial Intelligence) at Bandung Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Digital Media at the University of Bremen.

After the studies, Astrid went to pursue her passion to be a fiction author where she learned a lot about storytelling and building a personal brand, before coming back to her engineering roots and started working on web development projects.

Twindly was a brainchild of her passion for beauty and tech. It started as a recommendation platform to find your beauty twins and currently pivoting towards giving automated recommendations for sustainable beauty and loving your beauty stash.