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Matthew Sellwood

Product Manager
Matthew is currently a Product Manager at IQVIA, and has worked across the life sciences and healthcare industry. He earned his Masters of Chemistry and his PhD at the University of Sheffield in the UK. In his thesis work he researched the discovery of novel therapeutics for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) using chemoformatics and computational chemistry techniques. After completing his PhD he did a short post doctoral fellowship at the pharmaceutical company Eli-Lilly, working on supporting drug discovery projects as a computational chemist.

In 2016 Matthew moved to the AI drug discovery company BenevolentAI where he worked first as a chemoinformatics data scientist, before moving to become a product manager. There he built up the company’s chemistry capabilities from the ground up, first working to implement software solutions before becoming responsible for managing the strategy, and designing the roadmap of the AI chemistry product platform.

Now at IQVIA he work leading the development teams within the Predictive Analytics group, which is focused on using IQVIA’s rich healthcare data assets to build predictive solutions tailored for clients in the healthcare industry, such as predicting disease occurrence and non-adherence in patient populations.